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1:32 Scale, Gauge 1

If you like american model railroads then we offer the MTH Railking line of electric powered steam and diesel locomotives, which have a whole host of digitally controlled features but will also happily operate with a traditional ac or dc controller, along with their expanding range of freight and passenger cars.

If you are interested in  Accucraft who produce limited production electric and also live-steam powered locomotives, please get in touch. They also produce a small quantity of finely detailed freight and passenger cars. Accucraft (USA) are primarily interested in american outline,  Accucraft UK deals with british outline.

Prior to 2020 most pricing reflected the local VAT free pricing. Since most of my customers are subject to VAT/TVA I now allow for this sales tax. If shipping costs are mentioned then these should cover basic shipping to mainland britain or mainland france, anything more distant would likely cost more. Should happen to live locally or outside the UK and EU then the basic prices can be reduced though shipping may well be higher. Please send an email and I will see what I can do on on a total item(s) plus shipping cost, obviously you would then be responsible for all import charges.

Since this does not relate directly to either MTH or Accucraft I place the following here: Whilst Mr. Hyde has stock remaining I can supply his methanol-electric conversions of Märklin's UP F7 diesel unit. .

"G Scale"

Accucraft also produce a range of steam and diesel locomotives and rolling stock in 45mm narrow gauge scales of 1:19 (pricipally british designs), 1:20.3 (principally north american designs), 1:24 and more recently 1:13 (7/8" to the foot), again please get in touch if any of these items are of interest.

O gauge

MTH produce an extremely wide range of O gauge models in a variety of ranges "Premier" standard gauge (to the usual american 1:48 scale) being their best but with the "Railking Imperial" (steam), "Railking Scale" (diesel), plain "Railking", "Rugged Rails" as well as traditional tinplate to add to the multitude of choices. MTH has more recently also been producing a very well detailed range of standard gauge 1:43 scale european locomotives (british, french german and other nationalities). Accucraft UK also produces narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock for 32mm gauge.


Maxitrak produce a small range of well detailed live steam traction engines and steam lorry models in 4", 3", 2" and 1" scales. They also produce a considerable range of live steam engines and battery powered "diesels" and a sufficient range of rolling stock and track to enable a passenger hauling railway to be set up in the common 5" (or 4 3/4") and 7 1/2" (or 7 1/4") gauges.

Free Gauge 1 small-ads

Anyone, private or trade, wanting to make use of an opt-in email relay service might like to take a look at


If your interest spans to american HO, european (British, French, German and Swiss so far) or American O gauge or S gauge or perhaps american tinplate in either O or Standard gauge then the full range of MTH products is available to order, whether it be from their RailKing, Premier or classic tinplate series or their wide range of accessories.



Hornby Hobbies British and european OO/Ho TT and N gauge (plus more american Ho)

If you prefer British OO, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and other nationalies Ho (including the resurrected Ho american models from Rivarossi) then you might be kind enough to consider looking at the MonsierVapeur website which deals with the Hornby Hobbies model railway brands of Hornby, Rivarossi, Jouef, Lima plus TT and N gauge with Arnold and Electroten and also the Airfix, Humbrol, Corgi and Scalextric products.