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(January 2016)

I have heard from other interested parties that Mr. Hyde has now stopped produicing these units and I do not have any remaining stock.

(September 2007)

Since this does not relate directly to either MTH or Accucraft I place the following here: Whilst Mr. Hyde has stock remaining I can supply his methanol-electric conversions of Märklin's UP F7 diesel unit. Pricing looks like being £1100 delivered here (please note that my prices do not include any element of VAT) which I do not think at all bad for the amount of development and construction costs involved.

As stated the locomotive is based on Märklin's model, so it is metal and 1/32 scale. Mr. Hyde has fitted an O.S. 15 glowplug motor and generator unit. A block of rechargeable batteries provides power for starting, the motor uses a two stage silencer with oil collection in the second stage, the exhaust exits prototypically through the roof. The motor has fan assisted cooling and one can expect a twenty minute run from the standard tank. A short demonstration video illustrates the basic manual operation. As you will see radio control is not supplied as standard but adaption would not be difficult.

Mr. Hyde has now adapted his design to fit the MTH EMD F3 and F7 models and any livery that MTH has available can be supplied. A short video of a Pennsy unit.

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