1:32 scale railroad items

Following a couple of customer requests here is an attempt at a master list of manufactured items.

The intention is to include any item of american outline rolling stock or locomotive that was produced to 1:32 scale or could sensibly be used in that scale. My general criteria is that the item must be closer to 1:32 than 1:29 and, if produced to an unknown scale, should be a close match on width and height to the nearest 1:32 scale item (rather than on length). Although I have undoubtedly skipped over any number of custom ordered or homebuilt items which may since have been offered for sale I do not expect that these should be included. In effect I am expecting to limit this list to items that have appeared in a manufacturer's or wholesaler's catalog(ue) accompanied by an item number.

I am not pretending that this list will be perfect but with your help it may become the best available.

I suspect that I am missing a number of items from Märklin and any other brands that passed me by, I am waiting on information regarding the MDC (Roundhouse) / Piko rolling stock to see whether these qualify. If you have any and can submit leading dimensions or even a comparative image (as per these 1:32 vs 1:29 examples) then that would be a real help.

If you can supply information on missing items, or further details or corrections on those already listed, then please submit them by email. It would really help if additions could be supplied with the data in the manufacturer format.

Listed by manufacturer/item number

Listed by category/Whyte

Listed by road/category


Apologies for including adverts (supposedly railway themed) on the site but, as you may imagine, as stock of MTH gauge 1 peters out something else to support this website is very welcome however minor it may be.